My First Shot.

So.. we wait the three months… more negative hpt’s of course.  Did you ever notice that when you are waiting for your period you don’t ever get it until 15 minutes after the hpt?  It wouldn’t matter if I tested on day 28-34 – it never showed until I took that stinking test.   Maybe it is a conspiracy of some sort? HHmmmm. So I wait for this Amazing New Doctor to show up – the minute the office is open I make an appointment full of optimism.  So I get there and the office is smaller than my car and no doctor anywhere.  I met with a not-so- warm-and-fuzzy PA.  She talked to us a bit and then decided that the best way to start was.. you guessed it EVIL CLOMID… but this time instead of the please-just-kill-me timed intercourse we will be doing iui.  BUT.. oh my goodness!!! I have to take a shot!!! Ovidrel!! Holy Crap! A shot?!?!??! I asked if they would give it to me and they laughed.  So I went for my monitoring – I realized how nice the office staff is and that the offices the size of a closet are only temporary.   So the day arrives.. I have “good looking follicles” and it is time for the shot and subsequent insemination.  So that night at exactly 7:30 on the dot – because they said between 6-9 and I didn’t know which end of the spectrum was better so I went for the exact middle to be safe – my husband took the needle out.  He was holding it in a way that reminded me of Young Frankenstein and he was smiling.  I got up and ran into the bedroom almost in tears – “no freaking way are you going to stab me with that- no sir re bob”.  I told him if he could not stop smiling and looking happy we couldn’t do it.   Now this is the guy who almost knocked me over on our honeymoon to spray bactine on a cut I got on the beach.  I had asked him to wait a minute because I knew it was going to hurt and he laughed and just did it because that is what his dad always did.  Come to think of it he is lucky I didn’t have our marriage annulled after that. 

So I tell him we cannot do the shot until he is done smiling – which as my histrionics got worse his smile got bigger (word ass is echoing in my head as I remember that night).  The worst thing to me at the time was the precious minutes were ticking down and Oh My God I NEEDED that shot or my eggs would be lost!!!!!! (no pressure though right?) So I lie on the couch looking at the ceiling, turn the tv up loud and I try to just focus on the tv. – Did I forget to mention I am a total baby when it comes to shots? – so he does it and guess what.  I hardly even felt it.  Ummm.. just a bit embarrassed now..we won’t discuss this ever again.  ‘kay?


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