I am more than a little superstitious…

ok.. so I am now 18 1/2 weeks pregnant…with a boy according to the emergency amnio I had recently…the reason I am not posting though is that I am too scared to put any of this in writing for the fear that I am tempting the evil fates who will snatch this amazing precious gift away as soon as I get too cocky and start assuming it will work out.    (Heck…half of my family doesn’t even know yet!)  The current due date is November 28, 2008 and I promise I will come back afterwards and give the low down on the long scary trip it has been so far and whatever is till to come in the future.  Till then.. thanks for checking on me and I’ll see you in December!


One thought on “I am more than a little superstitious…

  1. I keep checking to see if you have given an update, but so far nothing. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I pray that it means you are too busy with your son to get to the computer. When you get a chance, please update your story. Thanks.

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