My wait is over!

I am so very sorry I took so long to post!  Motherhood is busier and more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.  Ever.  My sweet wonderful little man was born on November 18, 2008 via c-section.


My pregnancy was far more eventful than expected.  I failed every test during my pregnancy except the Strep B which didn’t matter because I was doing a c-section.  I had high blood pressure (VERY high), gestational diabetes, major unexplained bleeding on and off, I was pulled out of work a couple months early, was on bed rest of some sort the entire time, the last couple of months I was really only supposed to sit on the couch or bed except my 2-3 non-stress tests/ultrasounds a week and in general was so very nervous the entire time that I couldn’t get excited.  I didn’t want to take the tags off anything “in case it had to be returned” – I cried when we washed the bedding- I am just now feeling like I can take the tags off the clothes we have for the next stage of his growth. 


We had our c-section on a Tuesday the week before Thanksgiving – my husband was snapping photographs of the prep like a paparazzi.  No one needs to see my getting an iv or watching them put the fetal monitor on.  Turns out my little guy decided that was to be his birthday anyway because I was having contractions on my own.  The doctors asked if my husband was going to want to see when they took the baby out and we had agreed that both of us were too afraid to look until we heard a cry.  So a few minutes in I heard the most wonderful sound I have ever heard – and am tearing up remembering it- my sweet perfect son’s first cry.  More on the birth and hospital stay later.


Christopher is a sweet, good natured, very much loved and loving little boy.  He sleeps through the night (mostly), eats like a champ(breastfeeding is hard but totally totally worth it!), loves his puppy, gives the best smiles and hugs and loves his mommy.  I am the luckiest person on the planet and I have thanked God every single day since Christopher arrived.  Every. Single. Day. Usually more than once.  I will NEVER forget what it took to get here and the wonderful people who helped get me here.  My journey to motherhood was long, rocky and exhausting and I thought many times that it might not be a road I would get to walk on – but here I am- correction- he WE are. 


Now I am on the bumpy path of motherhood.  I have a lot to learn – and can’t wait for all the challenges ahead of me.  Thanks for sharing the journey with me. 



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