About me and why I’m here.

Ok- so here I am.  About to share things I share with very few people about this long bumpy journey I am on.  My brain goes far faster than my fingers so please forgive my typos – I will try to keep them at a minimum.  I have never professed any writing skill so please be kind – I write the way I’d tell a story.. pauses and all =)
A bit about me So, I never thought I would be a blogger.  I never thought I would feel the need to share my thoughts, feelings or experiences.  Obviously that has changed.  I am trapped in the world of Infertility. 
I never thought I’d be here!  I took the pill RELIGIOUSLY for over 15 years, have never had an STD, had very few partners and got married for the first time (and still hopefully only time) to my childhood best friend just after I turned 31.   I always thought IF affected people who were in their 40’s, who has “female problems” all their life, who had big high-stress careers, or maybe who lived high-risk kind of lifestyles.  I never imagined that a 30-something “good girl” who met the man who would be her husband at church of all places would have a problem getting pregnant.  But here I am. 

I decided to write about my life and experiences because others have done the same and I have found them to be an incredible resource for me.  These faceless women have picked me up off the floor many times.  They have turned my tears to laughter and they have given me the strength and courage to keep up the fight for yet another day.
 I am sure that at times my humor will be very dark and I am often blunt about painful things but I usually have a smile on my face and a song on my lips.

So.. it is nice to meet you and I hope I’ll see you here again soon.

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